Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak Review

The Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak comes from years of research at Bonafide’s Research and Development lab. This vessel excels at maintaining stability without losing the ability to paddle or manipulate your fishing gear. This enables it to have the best of both worlds, letting you maneuver quickly through choppy rough white water and still be able to fish. 

It all begins with the high rise seating that the Bonafide SS127 comes with. The ultra-high backed seat enables you to bend your legs and it really helps take the load off your lower back. This enables you to fish for as long as you want in perfect comfort. When you are done fishing, the seat rack and foldable seat frame allow you to quickly and conveniently convert the HighRise seating system into a fully functioning kayak. 

If you have ever tried a kayak that allowed for a high-seated bass fishing experience then you would know they were incredibly unstable. One second sitting atop the SS127 is all you need to feel that it is by far the most stable secure sit-on-top kayak that has ever been developed. It is so stable you will marvel after just a few strokes and wonder how in the world that level of stability could be achieved even though it is only 12-foot-seven-inches long. 

When you are done paddling, you will notice that the SS127 glides along the water like it’s a swan. It has an incredibly smooth, sustained glide never before felt in a sit-on-top kayak. 

The last great feature you will notice is the turning. The SS127 is able to precisely turn and navigate anything that you throw at it. Bonafide has done here what every other kayak manufacturer has tried to do since sit-on-top kayaks debuted. Everything you could want in a kayak in one package. 

Bonafide has something that they call “fishability.” This is how confident you are sitting and even standing to fish in your current craft. It is whether your gear is within your reach. It’s if you feel confident casting your pole anyway you want. It’s the comfort and ergonomics that will let you spend hours on the water as many times as you want. 

It is the craft and level of detail that Bonafide has put into literally every single nook and cranny of the SS127. They have made sure that the “fishability” of the SS127 is off the scales in every aspect. The SS127 is the premier kayak to fish in. 

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Top Features

  • The hull is made of Rotomolded Polyethylene, making it incredibly hard and light as a feather at the same time.
  • The SS127 comes with Bonafide’s patented DryPod, which is a small box that is secured onboard to hold your most important items. 
  • A stern access panel affords you very easy access to the hull .
  • HighRise seating enables you to emulate bass fishing and sit high up on the water for a kayak. 

Pros: Bonafide SS127

  • The kayak comes with the BossStrap Rod Management System and has multiple rod and paddle management points so you don’t get your rods tangled up. 
  • The FatGip Bow Handle with a comfort insert enables you to kayak all day in perfect comfort. 
  • The SS127 has a hybrid hull design that enables the craft to seamlessly glide through the water and store all of your gear without the two compromising each other.
  • The kayak comes with a sliding under-seat drawer where you can store your most used items in and easily reach them.
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Cons: Bonafide SS127

  • Capacity is rated for 475 pounds, which is fine for most people, but if you expect to haul the amount needed for an extended stay you will have to leave some things behind. 
  • The width on the Kayak is 33.75 inches which some find to be just slightly too narrow. Some would have much preferred the craft to be about 40 inches across. 
  • The DryPod that comes with the SS127 is super useful, but there is only one. 

Buying Advice

If you really want to drop the money on a top of the line kayak like this but have never been in a kayak before we suggest you find the nearest kayak rental store first and give it a shot. Most users have loved it but there are those few odd ones out that didn’t like the feel of it and prefer something else for the water. It would be a shame to spend so much on a new toy and not like it.

The SS127 is a relatively expensive fishing kayak, but with it, you can be sure that you have a kayak that covers everything you will ever need it to do. It’s a highly versatile piece of kit and you’ll never need to upgrade it or look for an alternative in the future.

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Final Thoughts

The specs of the Bonafide SS127 speak for themselves. It’s obvious this kayak is one of the best in its class. If you want a kayak that can handle serious white water and then you want to fish in the pool that comes after the white water, then this is the kayak for you! It’s the ultimate in sport fishing kayaks and for riding harsh white water. 

Of many kayaks tested, the SS127 was the only one that was useful and comfortable in every situation that was thrown at it. Fishing for 10 hours straight and then navigating white water to return? Need food and supplies to fit in the kayak and bring enough to last for 10 hours? The SS127 is the only choice among the many kayaks tested that could do it all. If you need to travel 45 miles through the Canadian tundra and have enough gear and supplies to survive, then the SS127 is the kayak that you can trust.

See you on the water!

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